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How to Remove Mold from Drywall

Easy-to-follow guide on how to free your drywall from the green monster.

Removing the Mold

People who do not know what causes mold are often prone to large outbreaks of it. In rooms like the basement or laundry room large amounts of water can build up and sit for long periods. This allows the mold to grow quickly and to spread over the drywall. Most people do not notice it until after it has become bad.

If your drywall is not painted than you have no choice – but to replace it because you cannot remove the mold from within it. However, if it is painted than you have a chance to remove the mold before it becomes any worse.

Look at the damage that has been caused. If it is extensive and heavy and the wall looks like it is crumbling than you need to remove it and replace it. If all you see a small speckles than you have a chance of removing it.

First you need to put a mask over your mouth and wear gloves. When you clean the area the spores will release into the air. Breathing it in could aggravate your breathing and cause flare up in allergies or respiratory conditions. Also you should wear eye protection because you will be working with strong cleaners.

Combine a cup of chlorine bleach into a gallon of water. You can put as much as a cup and a half for areas that are worse – but nothing more. Use a sponge to apply the cleaning agent to the drywall and allow it to sit for fifteen minutes.

Combine dishwashing detergent with fresh water and wash the area down. Rinse it off completely with clean water and dry it off with an old towel.

There should be no sign of the mold on your drywall. It is possible that the cleaning discolored the wall. You can easily repaint it with a water based primer and paint. This makes it harder for mold to grow on the walls a second time.


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