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Signs of Mold Presence in Your Home

Learn different signs of mold presence in your home. This will help you deal with the problem before it escalates. 

signs of mold presence in home

Why Mold Grows in Home

Mold grows in homes usually because there is a moisture source somewhere inside it. This is usually something like a pipe leak. 

But mold can also appear on walls if there is no proper ventilation system installed inside your property, mostly in rooms like kitchen or bathroom because of frequent use of showers, faucets, etc.

This should show you that mold is highly dependent on water. However, it is not the only important factor. 

Temperature plays a big role in this as well. Mold does not grow in cold places. This is one of the main reasons we put our food in the fridge instead of just leaving it in the room. The ideal temperature for mold growth is approximately anywhere between 77 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit (25-30 Celsius). 

Lastly, rich plant life helps mold growth immensely.  

Do these three sound familiar?

They definitely do if you live in Sarasota or anywhere in Florida. The state has the ideal conditions for mold growth and this is why so many people living in FL struggle with mold problems. 

Signs of Mold Presence in Home

In most cases, you can see visible signs of mold on your walls. However, that doesn’t have to be the case all the time. 

Mold usually grows in dark places, it’s not always easy to spot it. It may be hiding behind your furniture or wallpapers and not be visible at first. 

What are some signs I should look for?

  • Unpleasant smell

Mold doesn’t smell that nice. Just remember the time when you’ve smelled your moldy cheese. Yikes!

If you sense that musty, moldy smell in a certain room or parts of the room, that’s a good sign.

This smell can also be spread around your house if mold grew inside your air conditioner and/or ventilator. 

  • Worsened health

Do you cough and sneeze more frequently lately? Do you have a headache or a sore throat? Maybe you feel tired all the time?

Being exposed to mold can result in these symptoms. People with weaker immune systems can also experience more problematic conditions like respiratory infections or worsened asthma. 

  • Wall damage

Mold eats the surface it grows on. This is why you may spot damaged parts of your wall. 

You may also see darker spots on your wall and it looks like there is something behind them. 

It’s not uncommon that people recognize multiple or even all of these signs in their situation.

What to Do if You Spot Mold

If you think that there you’re experiencing a mold problem, you should contact a mold specialist immediately.

Our mold removal professionals will help you detect mold in your house with our professional mold inspection service.

We offer 24/7 emergency service to the city of Sarasota and its surroundings. Call us if you need immediate assistance.

Call us at: 941-271-0599 

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