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Where Does Mold Come From?

Learn where does mold come from and how to spot it.


How Mold Gets into Your Home

You may be surprised but mold is actually everywhere. In your home, garden, office, and everywhere else you go on a daily basis. 

To be more specific, mold spores are everywhere. These spores are tiny, you can’t see them with a naked eye. 

By knowing this, you can now understand how mold enters your home – through the air. In fact, mold spores are probably in your home already. 

How does mold grow?

If the spores land on a surface that provides great conditions for mold to grow, then you will slowly start seeing dark or greenish spots on that surface. You will also sense it by smell. 

The surface has to be organic. Most of the time, you’ll spot mold on food like bread or cheese but it can also be spotted on walls and furniture. 

Another important condition is air humidity. If the humidity is high, there is more chance that the mold will grow.

This is why the most common places where mold is spotted are the bathroom and the kitchen. 

How to know if mold has grown in your home?

Read signs of mold presence in homes.

How to Prevent Mold from Growing

If you haven’t, install a ventilation system. This investment is incredibly worth it. We can help you with this.

But this alone won’t stop the mold from growing in case there is a moisture source somewhere in your home.

While you’d probably know if there is something like a pipe leak in your home already, you may not pay too much attention to how much water you’re spilling in your bathroom or kitchen when you’re taking a shower or washing your dishes. 

Wipe everything dry once you’re done and also open up a window so that humid air can get out. This will help a lot. 


Hope you learned something new today!

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