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If not prevented, mold growth can potentially be very damaging for your property in Sarasota, FL. Mold also puts your and your family’s health at risk. Call us today to receive a free mold prevention quote!

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    Sometimes spraying, vacuuming, and weeping isn’t enough. Preventing mold growth requires keeping moisture levels in your home in check and sometimes, doing that by yourself is almost impossible. 

    Here at Sarasota Mold Pros, we take a step further and instead of offering just traditional mold inspectionmold remediation, and mold damage repair, we also offer mold prevention. This service is a great add-on for mold inspection as we will already have a moisture source in your home determined. All we have to do is just keep it in check.

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    How Does Mold Prevention Work?

    Mold prevention means keeping humidity in your home under 60. Anything above 60 is welcoming mold in your home. We aim for anywhere between 40 and 55. It shouldn’t be too low because that can be harmful for your health.  How do we do that?

    After determining the moisture source, we’ll perform one or more of the following activities.

    • Quick Repair of the Water Leak
    • Installing Proper Ventilation 
    • Installing Proper Drainage Systems

    Do I Need Mold Prevention?

    Yes! By helping keep moisture levels in your home lower, you’ll prevent mold from growing. And that doesn’t only sound nice but it brings the following benefits with it:

    No Mold

    No mold means no unpleasant smells, dizziness, nausea, sneezing, allergic reactions and anxiety

    Staying Healthy

    Exposure to mold can have negative effects on your health. By preventing mold growth, you can stay healthy both mentally and physically.

    Saving Money

    Preventing the mold problem on time can save you from paying more expensive repairs in the future.

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