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Can You Remove the Mold Yourself?

Learn if you can remove the mold yourself or if you need to hire a professional mold removal company

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Should You Clean the Mold Yourself

The answer to this question highly depends on your specific situation. First of all, let’s start off with your health. 

As you should know, mold can cause health problems, especially if the type of mold you’re dealing with is a dangerous type like, for example, Aspergillus or Stachybotrys (also known as “black mold“). These types of mold could harm people that have weaker immune systems and are prone to respiratory conditions.

So if you, an ordinary individual without any training or deeper understanding of mold, tries to deal with the problem without a proper equipment, this could cause some problems. 

Now, let’s get on can you actually remove the mold by yourself, without any professional equipment. 

In a lot of cases, you can. If the contaminated surface is small, you should be able to clean the mold without any problems. 

However, if the area infected by the mold is bigger, you should definitely call a professional. 

Do You Need a Professional to Remove Mold

The bigger the mold problem, the more likely you are to need professional mold removal. It’s not just unsafe to try to remove the mold yourself when the problem is overwhelming, it’s also very likely you’ll end up unsuccessful in your attempt as the roots for bigger mold problems are usually located deep behind the wall. 

This means that just wiping and brushing the infected surface won’t really do much to help resolve the problem. 

How Do Professionals Remove Mold

First, the professionals start with containing the affected area in order to prevent further contamination to unaffected areas. Once this is done, the mold removal process begins and during this time, professionals will remove the mold along with the affected surface that unfortunately, in most cases, isn’t usable again.

After the mold has been successfully removed, professionals will clean the leftovers and make the treated surface more resistant to future mold problems by using, for example, a sealer. 

How Much Does Professional Mold Removal Cost

In Florida, professional mold remediation usually costs $500-$5,000. With the more severe cases, the cost can go into five figures. 

Professionals quote each client individually. It’s impossible to have a one-size-fits-all price tag because each client has a different kind of mold problem. 


If you need any help with mold removal, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer 24/7 emergency service to the area of Sarasota/Bradenton.

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